Spiritually Fresh

Spiritually Fresh

Delilah lulled Samson to sleep in her lap and then called a man who cut off Samson’s seven locks of hair.

Then she began to torment him, for he had lost his strength.

Then she shouted,” Samson! The Philistines are coming!”

He woke up and thought, “I’ll get loose and go free, as always.”

He did not know that the Lord had left him.

Judges 16:19-20 GNB

When you purchase flowers for a friend or loved one, you want the flowers to be fresh. When you rely on spiritual accomplishments of your past, you risk becoming spiritually wilted.

Scripture tells us that Samson was given superhuman strength to protect him from his enemies. He had been able to perform extraordinary feats, such as slaying a lion and defeating a thousand Philistines. When Delilah tricked him and the Philistines came, Samson said “I will go out as before - shake myself free,” He’d done it before; surely he could do it again. However, he was living in the past and his strength had left him.

We cannot live on past victories; we must stay fresh in His work today. Give yourself each day, fresh and committed to His work.

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Brother Terry

   June 2019   
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