TitleSubjectDelivered ByCentral PassageTypeDate
Sunday 11-19-2023"When Gratitude Is A Challenge!"Rev. Mike Taylor1 Thessalonians 5:16-22Monday,
November 20, 2023
Sunday 11-12-2023"Can People Be Saved After the Rapture?"Rev. Mike Taylor2 Thessalonians 2:1-12Monday,
November 13, 2023
Sunday 10-29-2023"The Rapture and 2nd coming: A closer look!"Rev. Mike Taylor1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Sunday,
October 29, 2023
Sunday 10-22-2023"Daniel's Strategic Prophecy!"Rev. Mike TaylorDaniel 9:24-27Sunday,
October 22, 2023
Sunday 10-15-2023Israel's End-Time WarsRev. Mike TaylorPsalm 83Sunday,
October 15, 2023
Sunday 10-1-2023"Developing Spiritual Discernment"Rev. Mike TaylorHebrews 5:12-14Sunday,
October 1, 2023
Sunday 9-24-2023"But God"Rev. Doug CollinsMonday,
September 25, 2023
Sunday 9-17-2023"When Good Intentions Fall Short"Rev. Mike TaylorMatthes 26:31-35Sunday,
September 17, 2023
Sunday 9-10-2023"The Strategy Jesus Used!"Rev. Mike TaylorJohn 1:35-45Sunday,
September 10, 2023
Sunday 9-3-2023"In the path Of A Storm"Rev. Mike TaylorPsalm 107:23-32Monday,
September 4, 2023
Sunday 8-27-2023"Knowing The God of All Comfort"Rev. Mike TaylorJohn 14:16-17Sunday,
August 27, 2023
Sunday 8-20-2023"Power in the Blood: Our Ticket to..."Rev. Mike TaylorHebrews 10:19-25Sunday,
August 20, 2023
Sunday 8-13-2023“Fitting the Right Pieces in the Right Places!”Rev. Mike Taylor1 Corinthians 12:18Sunday,
August 13, 2023
Sunday 8-6-2023"Glory to His Name!"Rev. Mike TaylorMatthew 5:16 & Isaiah 42:6-8Sunday,
August 6, 2023
Sunday 7-30-2023Sunday 7-31-2023Rev. Mike TaylorTuesday,
August 1, 2023
Sunday 7-16-2023“Jesus On The Stumbling Blocks Causing People To Stumble!”Rev. Mike TaylorMatthew 11:1-6Sunday,
July 16, 2023
Sunday 7-9-2023“Alone With Jesus”Rev. Mike TaylorMatthew 14: 22-23Sunday,
July 9, 2023
Sunday 7-2-2023“On Thin Ice!”Rev. Mike TaylorHosea 13:1-11Sunday,
July 2, 2023
Sunday 6-25-2023“Good Luck? Or Lordship?”Rev. Mike TaylorLuke 19:1-10Sunday,
June 25, 2023
Sunday 6-18-2023“Our Father in Heaven…”Rev. Mike Taylor1 Corinthians 8:4-6Monday,
June 19, 2023
Sunday 6-11-2023“Seniors Conquering Geriatric Giants!”Rev. Mike Taylor1 Samuel 17: 44-51Sunday,
June 11, 2023
Sunday 6-4-2023"Tapping the Power Of Pentecost!"Rev. Mike TaylorActs 2:1-13Monday,
June 5, 2023
Sunday 5-28-2023Sunday 5-28-2023Rev. Brandon KnoxSunday,
May 28, 2023
Sunday 5-7-2023"Such Amazing Grace!"Rev. Mike TaylorEphesians2:4-10Sunday,
May 7, 2023
Sunday 4-30-2023"Urgent Prayers For Our Natioin!"Rev. Mike Taylor1 Timothy 2:1-8Sunday,
April 30, 2023
Sunday 4-16-2023Sunday 4-16-2023Rev. Mike TaylorMonday,
April 17, 2023
Sunday 4-9-2023Pivotal Points in History!Rev. Mike TaylorJohn 20:11-18Sunday,
April 9, 2023
Sunday 3-26-2023Women of the Cross: Mary, Mother to John MarkRev. Mike TaylorActs: 12:5-12Sunday,
March 26, 2023
Sunday 3-19-2023Women of the Cross "Mary of Bethany"Rev. Mike TaylorJohn 12:1-8Sunday,
March 19, 2023
Sunday 2-5-2023"Exposing Our Nemesis: The Antichrist"Rev. Mike TaylorRevelation 13:1-9Sunday,
February 5, 2023
Sunday 1-29-2023"7 Feasts of the Lord"Rev. Mike TaylorLeviticus 23:1-8Sunday,
January 29, 2023
Sunday 1-22-2023Post Rapture Events: What on Earth…???Rev. Mike TaylorMatthew 24:15-22Sunday,
January 22, 2023
Sunday 1-15-2023Bible Prophecy: “The Rapture”Rev. Mike Taylor1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Sunday,
January 15, 2023
Sunday 1-8-2023Bible Prophecy :“Be On High Alert!”Rev. Mike TaylorMatthew 24:3-14Sunday,
January 8, 2023
Sunday 1-1-2023"The Father's 2023 Business Plan"Rev. Mike TaylorLuke 2:41-52Sunday,
January 1, 2023